An Educational Series for Health Care Professionals

The 2020 Southern Oregon LGBTQ+ Health and Wellness Lecture Series is the follow-up to the inaugural Summit: May, 2019.
We are continuing to work towards improving care for our local LGBTQ+ community!


2020 Lecture Series
LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency | Liz James
Using Gender Inclusive Language | Carey Jean Sojka + Violet Smith


These semi-annual summits and other educational programming are conceptualized and organized by SO Health-E’s LGBTQ+ Equity Work Group. Together we're improving access to quality services and affirming care for LGBTQ+ populations by providing LGBTQ+ and trans affirming training and tools for medical and behavioral healthcare providers in Southern Oregon.


You can learn more about the work of SO Health-E and it's cross-sector work groups, please visit our website.